Tyldesley’s Ranking in the Water Polo World

The club’s ranking in the Water Polo World was proved in 1948, when it was proposed to change the rules of the game.  Three trial matches were held and one was allocated to Tyldesley.  It is felt by some experienced people that these changes e.g. “the no moving rule” brought about the downfall of the sport, from a spectator point of view.

The takings from a polo match at the old baths (Union Street) used to be as much as £15.00 and the crowds waited for hours before a match in order to obtain a good view.  Infact, at times the queues have stretched to the top of Union Street and even into Shuttle Street, and as many as 7 coaches travelled to away matches.

The crowds who watched matches in those days were not always peaceful ones, and many a Referee has been threatened with a “Ducking”.  On one occasion after beating Wigan, the Tyldesley team had to leave the baths through the boiler house to avoid trouble.