The Whelmar Gala

Hi-Tec came into being in 1983, when on the 22nd and 23rd January, at Broughton Pool, Salford. Tyldesley ran the whole gala on computer, from initial invitations, through to printing of the programmes, results sheets, heat slips and entry cards.  The computer programme was written specifically to deal with the one gala by Vic Jackson, a member of the club committee.

71 swimming clubs were invited and out of these 23 clubs participated from as far a field as Liverpool, Rochdale, Oldham, Romiley, Bolton, Preston and Wigan.

Information about 262 swimmers including full name, date of birth, strokes entered, date entry forms received etc was stored into the powerful desk top computer system in approximately fours hours, by an essentially non-typist.

The gala which was organised by Club Secretary Alan Giles for 8 year, 9 year and 10 years old boys and girls.  The gala had a tremendous atmosphere with over a thousand spectators during the two days.  Four strokes plus a Medley and Freestyle Team events, meant in all there were 36 events and 36 finals.

Computerisation enabled entry closure at 1.45 pm with heat slips being printed out by 2.00 pm.  Result sheets were available approximately three minutes from the end of each event.

The boys and girl in each age group with the best performances over the four strokes received a BMX Bike purchased from the £500 sponsorship by Whelmar Homes.  A trophy was provided Mr & Mrs Norman Gleave of Cleworth Hall Farm Tyldesley.  The winners of the Whelmar Team trophy being Liverpool Penguins.

The club was praised on its organisation and running of the gala and much interest was shown in the new technology which helped achieve this.