The Swimming Club

Less than two weeks after the official opening of the baths, the Tyldesley Swimming Club was formed ay a meeting on the 2nd August, 1876.  Two appointments were made, Mr. Clegg as Treasurer and Mr. Hadfield as Secretary.

The second meeting took place on the 5th August where Mr. Whitehead acted as Chairman and a committee of six were appointed:- 

  • Mr. Beard
  • Mr. Grounds
  • Mr. Whitmore
  • Mr. Oldham
  • Mr. McKenzie
  • Mr. Gregory

Mr. Tyldesley and Mr. Howarth were appointed auditors and Mr. Cooling was appointed Vice President.

Mr. Whitehead was appointed instructor of swimming for the club and it was moved and carried that samples of swimming drawers be tendered, also a stamp be purchased for lettering the drawers T.S.C.

The Annual Subscription for membership was set at 5 shillings, and the founder members were:-

  • Mr. P. Hadfield, Elliott Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Marsh, Castle Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. A. Pendlebury, High Street, Atherton
  • Mr. R.M. Whitehead, The Baths
  • Mr. D. Whitmore, Ashwell Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. J. Whitmore, Ashwell Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Beard, Park View, Atherton
  • Mr. Gregory, Elliott Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Clegg, Elliott Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. T. Davies, Bolton Old Road, Atherton
  • Mr. McKenzie, Sale Lane, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Bentham, Alfred Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Dixon, James Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Lever, James Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Walshaw, Elliott Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Oldham, Well Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Smith, Shuttle Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Grounds, Church School, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Tyldesley, Lime Street, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Sheppard, Co-Operative, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Cranshaw, Local Board, Tyldesley
  • Mr. Howarth, Boar’s Head
  • Mr. Tunnicliffe, Astley
  • Dr. Duncan, Tyldesley

Dr. Duncan was elected first President of the Club on the 18th August 1876.

On the 30th August 1876 a set of rules were prepared by Messrs. McKenzie, Whitehead and Hadfield.  These rules were adopted by the committee.

The first Annual General meeting was held on 18th April 1877, at the baths, with the following advert placed in the Tyldesley Journal:-

The committee of the above club beg to inform gentlemen of Tyldesley and neighbourhood that the swimming season has now commenced and that persons can join by giving their names to the undersigned.

The club has the advantages of an efficient teacher, and a pair of patent life saving cuffs by the aid of which learners are greatly assisted.

  • Terms  5s.0d per annum

R.M. Whitehead