Senior Water Polo and Squadron Team – 1909 – 1914

The Bolton & District Swimming & Water Polo Association was founded in 1909 and Tyldesley won both the Water Polo and Squadron Championships in the first season.  They did so without dropping a single point in either league and went onto do exactly the same the following season.

The team at that time was selected from:-  Blears, Carlton, Alf Tyldesley, Frank Isherwood, Cotton, Bainbridge, Hilton, Darlington and Tisconia.

Alf Carlton also represented the Manchester League as fullback against the London League in 1910.

Tyldesley Swimming Club were the Bolton & District Champions every year from 1909 until the First World War in 1914. The nearest they came to losing the championship during that 6 year run, was in 1914, when they tied with Blackburn at the top of the Squadron League.

When the Bolton & District League re-started in 1920 (after the war) Tyldesley and Blackburn had a "swim-off" for the 1914 Championship Winning Team - which Tyldesley won. 

Tyldesley continued where they had "left off" in 1914 and again won both the Water Polo and Squadron Championship.