Past President – A.S.A; Region; County; Local Association

Volunteers of the Club who have been honoured for their hardwork and commitment to Aquatics

Year Name Association/County/Region/ASA
1907 Fred Isherwood Manchester & District S.W.P.A.
1910/1911 Fred Isherwood Northern Counties A.S.A.
1926 Fred Isherwood Amateur Swimming Association
1946 Fred Isherwood Northern Counties A.S.A.
1954/1955 J. Cleworth Bolton & District S.W.P.A
1960/1961 J. Cleworth Lancashire County W.P.S.A.
1978 W.E. Chadwick Lancashire County W.P.S.A.
1986 C.A. Giles Central Lancashire S.W.P.A
1991 Michael Harrison Central Lancashire S.W.P.A
1997 Mrs J.D. Stafford Central Lancashire S.W.P.A
1999 A.J. Stafford Central Lancashire S.W.P.A
2005 Mrs M. Bent Manchester & District S.W.P.A.
2008 Mrs. J.D. Stafford A.S.A. North West Region
2008/2009 E. Harrison Manchester & District S.W.P.A.
2010/2011 Mrs J.D. Stafford Lancashire County W.P.S.A.