TSWPC Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Parents


  • I will complete and return the Medical Information Form and provide details of any health conditions/concerns relevant to my child on the consent form.
  • I will report any changes in the state of my child’s health to the coach prior to training sessions or events.
  • I will ensure that the organisation has up-to-date contact details for me and for any alternative person(s) as required.


  • I will ensure my child is punctual for training sessions and competitions.
  • I will ensure that my child/children has the adequate equipment as laid down by the Coach for the specific squad/group.
  • I will inform the coach/teacher if my child needs to leave the training sessions early.
  •  I will inform the coach/teacher if someone else is collecting my child/children from the training sessions/competition.
  • I will behave responsibly as a parent and spectator during training or events and treat members, coaches, teachers, volunteers and other parents with due respect, in accordance with the ASA commitment to equality and diversity.
  • I will always treat all swimmers/water polo players with respect and dignity and treat everyone equally.
  • Encourage swimmers and water polo players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.
  • I will not use inappropriate and abusive language within the organisation environment or in public.  Language must always be appropriate and socially acceptable.
  • I will ensure my child’s needs are met in terms of nutrition and I will listen to advice given by the coach/nutritionist.
  • I will support the coach and committee appropriately and raise any concerns I may have in an appropriate manner to the welfare officer.


  • All members must comply with the codes, rules and policies of the club at all times.
  • All members should treat other competitors/teams/officials with respect in victory or defeat.
  • All members to obey the “spirit of the rules and laws” both in and out of the pool.
  • Encourage all members of the club to accept decisions made by officials whether at club level or from an outside organisation.


  • Will inform you at once if your child becomes ill and will ensure their wellbeing until you are able to collect him/her.
  • Ensure good child safeguarding guidelines are followed at all times to keep your child safe.
  • Ensure all activities are properly supervised/ taught/coached and that consent is obtained for any activity outside of that previously agreed.

You have the Right to:-

  • Make a complaint to the club if you feel the club or a member of the organisation is not acting appropriately or in accordance with ASA/organisation rules and re Details of how to do this can be obtained from the welfare officer.
  • Make a complaint on behalf of your child to the ASA Office of Judicial Administr