TSWPC Policies and Codes of Conduct

Use of Mobile Devices

The club have had some incidents where mobile phones have been used in changing rooms whilst swimmers/water polo players are changing for their sessions.

The use of mobile phones; laptops, ipads and kindles are strictly prohibited in the changing rooms  


There has also been an incident at one of the borough pools where a swimmer has taken a photograph of a member of “the opposite sex” in a “state of undress” and has posted this photograph on Instagram.

Can we please ask that you speak to your child/children and make them aware of the seriousness of using a mobile phone to take photographs of this nature especially in a changing room environment and posting photographs on snapchat; periscope; Instagram.

We are aware that children take their mobile phones everywhere with them but we need them to be aware of the seriousness of an incident like this.

“If the Police get involved in an incident of this nature and the child is found to be the instigator and for circulating the photograph then they could find themselves charged with a Police Offence and potentially put on a “sex offenders list”.

We thank you in advance for supporting us by asking your child not to take photographs in changing rooms and make sure that they turn their mobile phones off when entering the building/or leave it with a parent on the balcony.

Anybody associated with the club found using a mobile phone in the changing rooms could face “DISCIPLINARY ACTION” as per the data protection guidelines of the club and Swim England.

Management Committee