Life Membership

Since the club was formed on 2nd August 1876 the club have recognised their volunteers/club members for their dedication, hardwork and commitment to the club by honouring them with Life Membership.

Each member listed below has many more years service, holding several various positions within the club, some even received Honorary Membership before they were bestowed the prestigious honour of Life Membership.

Mr Ralph Tyldesley 1903
Mr Addin Tyldesley 1910
Mr Jim Topping
Mr John Cleworth 1973
Mr Ernest Chadwick 1978
Mrs Jenny Chadwick 1982
Mr Dennis Topping 1987
Mrs Betty Hopkins
Mrs Joan Cleworth 1988
Mrs Mavis Bent 1990
Mrs Kathleen Giles 1991
Mr Michael Harrison 1991
Mr Gwyn Pierce 1991
Mr Thomas Pritchard 1991
Mr Keith Royle 1991
Mrs Anne Toone 1991
Mr Anthony Toone 1991
Mrs Kathleen Topping 2002
Mrs Diane Stafford 2005
Mr Peter Mills 2006
Mr Alan Stafford 2006
Mr Stephen Davidson 2011
Mr Colin Bent 2011
Mr Eric Harrison 2012
Mr Gwyneth Harrison 2012
Mrs Brenda Jhugroo 2013
Mr Lee Toone 2013
Mrs Nicola Holt        (nee Toone) 2014
Mrs Anne-Marie Morley   (nee Burke) 2014
Mr Jonathan Stafford 2014
Ms Leanne Stafford 2014
Mrs Jennifer Hornby  (nee Fairhurst) 2017
Mrs Bronwyn Gendall 2017

Life Members

Addin Tyldesley - Life Member