1908 Tyldesley Water Polo 1st & 2nd Teams

TSWPC Since 1876

To record all the history and background of Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club since its formation in 1876 is practically impossible, time erasing many details. Yet somewhere, someplace, there could still be information, stories, photographs etc. which could fill the story a little more. From the time bathing locally was confined to Shakerley Brook, the lime pits and the canal, the opening of Tyldesley Baths, the formation of the club and how it has fared throughout the years, this and the following series of articles attempts to tell a little of that story. To all the competitors and members who have brought prestige to the club, and to the many members who have been the backbone of the club we say "THANK YOU" to everyone, may these articles raise many a smile and revive some very pleasant memories. If you have any information, photos etc. relevant to Tyldesley Swimming and Water Polo Club please Email the webmaster. We look forward to hearing from you.