The highest level of support you can receive as an English swimmer is with England Programmes Swimming.

The England Programmes Team are charged with two main goals:

  1.    Identifying the most talented young open water and pool swimmers in England
  2.    Developing them into world and Olympic medallists.

If you like the idea of becoming a World and Olympic swimming medallist, travelling the world as an elite sportsperson and being a role model for thousands of young people in England, read on to find out how to get involved.

England Programme Swimming involves four stages of swimmer development for athletes aged from 11 to 19.

The four stages are designed to help you reach your maximum potential as a swimmer and eventually step up onto British Swimming’s World Class Pathway, where you could become a funded athlete. That’s right – paid to get up at 4:30 in the morning five days a week!

To find out more information about the  England Talent Programme