TSWPC Club Constitution

The Club Constitution is a large document covering all aspects of the club, members and operations.

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Section 4 Subscriptions & Other Fees

4.1      The annual members’ subscription and training fees shall be proposed to the Annual General Meeting from time to time by the Committee and the Committee shall in so doing make special provision for different classes of membership as the Annual General Meeting shall determine.

4.2        The annual subscription fee shall be due on joining the Club and thereafter on the 1st September each year.

4.3        Any member whose subscription is unpaid by the 1st October shall be suspended by the Committee from all club activities with immediate effect, until such payment is made.

4.4        The Committee shall from time to time, propose to the Annual General Meeting the annual membership subscription and training fees.  This shall include the power to make such increase in the subscription as shall, where the Club pays the individual ASA Membership Fees to the ASA on behalf of members, be consequential upon an increase in individual ASA membership fees.  Any increase in subscriptions shall be advised to the members in writing or by e-mail with the reasons for any increase to be reported to the members at the next Annual General Meeting.

4.5        The Committee shall have the power in special circumstances to remit the whole or part of the fees, including the ASA membership fees to address issues of social inclusion