TSWPC Club Constitution

The Club Constitution is a large document covering all aspects of the club, members and operations.

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Section 13 Alterations to Rules and Other Resolutions

13.1      The rules may be altered by resolution at an Annual or Special General Meeting provided that the resolution is carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members present and entitled to vote at the General Meeting. 

13.2      No amendment(s) to the rules shall become effective until such amendment(s) have been submitted to and validated by the ASA North West Region or at a later date decided by the meeting.

13.3      Any Senior member who is not excluded under the conditions of Rule 3.8.3, Rule 3.8.4 and Rule 3.8.6 shall be entitled to put any proposal, resolution or submission for consideration at any General meeting provided the proposal, resolution or submission in writing or by electronic means duly proposed and seconded shall have been received by the Secretary of the Club not later than 21 days before the date of the meeting in the case of the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting) and thereafter the Secretary shall supply a copy of the proposal, resolution or submission to the members in the manner provided in Rule 12.1 and Rule 12.2.