Club Resign from Bolton & District SWPA

Tyldesley Swimming Club had been members of Bolton & District SWPA for 73 years and were stalwarts of Leagues, Age Groups, Water Polo and Championship competitions during that lengthy period.

On 19th July 1982 the club resigned from the Association in protest for the way the Association had handled a dispute between Wigan Wasps and local clubs.

On the same date letters were sent to Central Lancashire SWPA seeking permission for the club to be accepted into its Age Group competitions and to the Northern Counties ASA asking for their consent on the change.

At the time of the resignation the club had qualified for the semi-finals and finals of the Bolton & District SWPA Mini-League and Junior Water Polo competitions respectively.

In August 1982 a letter was received from Bolton & District SWPA accepting the clubs’ resignation but asking them to re-consider.  Tyldesley would not relent and on the 5th September 1982 the letter sent to the Northern Counties ASA was read out at a meeting and passed.   The change from Bolton & District SWPA to Central Lancashire SWPA was to take place in 1983.

So ended another chapter of the clubs history or so it seemed.  The passage of time alters circumstances, opinions and feelings towards certain events and in 1994 Tyldesley Swimming & Water Polo Club applied for affiliation to Bolton & District SWPA and were accepted.