TSWPC Club Constitution

Unsupervised Children

The Management Committee has become aware that children are sometimes being left at the pool unsupervised while, for example, their brother, sister or some other connected child is involved in a club swimming session.

Similarly some children are being, dropped off by car (in the street) or left to wait at the club at sessions.

Both these practices are unacceptable and must cease with immediate effect.

Furthermore, in an attempt to ensure as far as possible that children are, in fact, being supervised by an adult, the club has adopted a policy.

All children must be accompanied into the pool by a responsible adult on arrival at the pool. Any child not accompanied will not be allowed to take part in that club session. 

The club sought advice on these matters from the sport’s governing body, the Amateur Swimming Association. They confirmed that our duty of care extends only to members who are actively involved in sessions and does not include, for example, children left in the viewing area or wandering about, inside or outside the pool.

For all these purposes we regard anyone under the age of 13 as a child. Anyone below that age may be left unsupervised only by prior agreement with the club and, in all cases, children must be met by an adult as soon as their swimming session ends.

We know that the vast majority of our adult members adopt a responsible attitude but a small minority may not fully appreciate the potential dangers inherent in leaving a child free from supervision either inside or outside the pool area.

The Management Committee would appreciate all parents’/guardians’ co-operation and understanding in our efforts to eliminate the problems.