1920 – 1934

The Bolton League re-started following the war in 1920 and Jack Howarth won the Bolton & District 100 yards championship and Kenneth Tyldesley became the Northern Counties quarter mile champion the same year.  The following year Jack Howarth repeated his success.

In 1922 Kenneth Tyldesley regained the quarter mile championship and he also won the half mile event.

During that year the subscriptions were "half of what they had been 50 years earlier", they were Seniors 2s 6d  Boys under 15 years 1s 0d.

At the Annual General Meeting in 1924 a decision was made not to admit the Germans into the Olympic Games.  The committee of Tyldesley were so incensed by this decision that they wrote a letter of disapproval to the ASA.  The letter read:-

"The members of Tyldesley Swimming Club disassociate themselves entirely from the resolution that was passed by the ASA re the non admission of Germans at the Olympic Games.  We believe it is just an expression of your own views on the matter, and does not interpret the feelings of the majority of swimmers in the country.  In view of the efforts that are being made by eminent statesmen to bring about a better spirit and understanding between the people of the world, we think the resolution was arrogant and deserving of condemnation".

In 1927  Tyldesley Swimming Club won the Manchester & District First Division Water Polo Championship for the first time, but this appeared to be the last success until after the second world war.  The members of the squad were:-  Jimmy Blears, Bill Lewis, Alf Tyldesley, Bob Lewis, Kenneth Tyldesley, J. Leyland, "Jab" Johnson and "Dickie" Wright.

NB:  In 1939 Tyldesley reached the final of the Lancashire Junior Championship but due to the war the final never took place.